About the group

The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra is a multidisciplinary performing ensemble. Founded by Jennifer Rahfeldt in 2001, the group explores the medium of soundpainting to create performances in real time. As each performance unfolds a continuous process of artistic discovery takes shape through sonorous, verbal, gestural, and different forms of visual expression. Each artwork is born in the very moment of performance, and it exists only while a performance lasts: the unexpected is at the core of the compositional process and every expression, whether raw or polished, becomes integrated into the work. Holding a critical view towards the limitations imposed by contemporary life and society, especially when it comes to creative processes and forms of expression, the group takes the advantage of each performance to bridge artistic disciplines and to exhibit the unfolding of artistic ideas.

Members of The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra

Bruno Faria – Flute player and soundpainter
Karina Lernestål – actor
Lennart Nilsson – trombone
Martin Volsing – violin
Jennifer Rahfeldt – performer and soundpainter
Rasmus Alkestrand – clarinet
Walter Thompson – saxophone
Åsa Wirling – visual artist

Bookings / Contact

For bookings, press info or other questions, please contact us through the e-mail address: swedishsoundpaintingorchestra@gmail.com